Passenger Car Motor Oil

Premium Full Synthetic

National Premium Full Synthetic is formulated with the highest quality synthetic base oils and premium additive technology to provide exceptional wear protection in hot or cold operating temperatures. Our Premium Full Synthetic provides protection for extended oil drains, heavy loads, and for vehicles requiring synthetic motor oil. We specifically formulae our products to prevent low-speed pre-ignition and to protect components in Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection engines.

Premium Synthetic Blend

National Premium Synthetic Blend is a quality, part-synthetic automotive engine oil designed to provide excellent engine protection. Specifically formulated to prevent low-speed pre-ignition and protect the components in Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection engines, National premium Synthetic Blend engine oil is formulated to provide excellent protection against sludge, engine rust, and corrosion, oil thickening and foaming by providing enhanced oxidation control under severe service conditions and low temperature operating conditions.

dexos1™ Gen 2

National dexos1™ Gen 2 is full synthetic oil specifically formulated for use in General Motors vehicles. It is designed to prevent low-speed pre-ignition using advanced additive technology to address new engine performance demands. These motor oils better protect today’s engines with enhanced performance in the areas of wear, cleanliness, and fuel economy while providing excellent protection for extended drains and extreme service conditions.

Full Synthetic Euro

National Full Synthetic Euro engine oil is formulated with advanced additive technology and synthetic base stocks. It exceeds API requirements for 2007 models and newer light diesel engines while being fully backward compatible. National Full Synthetic Euro engine oil provides excellent wear protection, outstanding resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown at high temperatures, protects against rust and bearing corrosion.

High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

NATIONAL™ HIGH MILEAGE motor oils are formulated with selected Group II base stocks and a unique combination of special conditioning agents and additives. This prevents seals from leaking and reduces the oil consumption that is typical of older, worn engines. NATIONAL™ HIGH MILEAGE motor oils are specifically designed for new or late-model vehicles with over 75,000 miles. Our formulation helps keep the engines running clean and going strong.

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